Rethinking Hell Podcast: Episode 1 with Edward William Fudge

The Rethinking Hell website kicked off a wonderful new podcast series by interviewing none other than Edward Fudge himself. If you want to meet the modern day grandfather of the Biblical understanding of hell, you will find no better introduction than this podcast.

Chris Date hosts the episode with the professionalism of top podcasts. His excellent and diverse questions give listeners a broad perspective on history, doctrine, and practical issues. Edward’s depth, character, love for God and Scripture come through loud and clear.

My favorite part of this podcast was hearing Edward’s heart for the lost—those who end up in hell. Nearly every time he mentions them, I heard his heart breaking at the thought of people rejecting God’s love. Anyone who thinks this is a purely academic discussion will hear otherwise in this interview.

I want to encourage everyone to subscribe to this excellent podcast. Thank you Chris, Edward, and everyone involved with this high-quality production for this important contribution towards a new reformation!

  1. Thanks so much for the very kind words!!!


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