doug_smith_port_smDoug Smith is a grateful follower of Christ and an avid Bible student who is willing to follow the truth wherever it leads. He is graciously mentored by Dr. Timothy Barnett in the study of the Scriptures. With two decades of software development experience, Doug applies the principles learned there to his understanding of God, the Bible, and life in general. He is blessed by his wife Lyneta, who is also an author and speaker and writes at http://lynetasmith.com. Doug and Lyneta share four daughters and live near Nashville, TN.

“My brother, sister, friend — read, study, think, and read again. You were made to think. It will do you good to think; to develop your powers by study. God designed that religion should require thought, intense thought, and should thoroughly develop our powers of thought. The Bible itself is written in a style so condensed as to require much intense study. I do not pretend to so explain theology as to dispense with the labor of thinking. I have no ability and no wish to do so.” — Charles G. Finney



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Doug, write some more! I can’t figure out where to actually see the movie, for instance. Wrote email to local theatre owners, etc. Can you encourage others to do that?

  2. Hi, Doug, Thanks for keeping up this site, even in the face of some of the “flame”, which it sounds like you may be getting.

    Even if I disagreed with you (which I certainly do not) it would still be clear that you are proceding very carefully and prayerfully.

    It seems sometimes that many of the “guardians” of the faith just don’t have their finger in the wind. But maybe that will begin to change in the Windy City.

    1. @Chuck, I appreciate your encouragement very much. I’m certainly praying for the the winds of the Spirit to blow through our country and bring enlightenment from the scriptures.

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