It’s Time To Be More Intentional With Your Life Than Big Tech.

I’m that Doug Smith—the one who wants to help you live intentionally in our screen-saturated world so you can fulfill your God-given purpose.

My book, [Un]Intentional: How Screens Secretly Shapes Your Desires, and How You Can Break Free is available in paperback and e-book on Learn more here.

Plus, it’s now available as an audiobook on all the biggest platforms.

Want to find out how intentional you are? Download our free “How I Am I” assessment here.

I’m also sharing this message everywhere I go. I’d love to hear your story and learn how I can help you.


Visit my media page for video, radio, and podcast interviews with amazing personalities like Monica Schmelter, Janet Parshall, Madlin Mangrum, and Chris Brooks.

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