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Edward Fudge and Doug Smith

Remembering A Hero Of The Faith

What other-worldly level of strength, character, and faithfulness would it take for your spouse to write this about you after fifty (50!) years of marriage? A brilliant thinker who could engage any scholar on that level, a consummate professional writer who could pack more into three paragraphs than anyone I ever knew, a tender-hearted lover ...


An Open Letter to Dr. Albert Mohler

Dear Dr. Mohler, As president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, you have exercised significant influence over the direction of the modern evangelical Christian landscape. Your leadership is also recognized outside the church, as attested in a 2003 Time magazine article which called you the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.” Back in ...


The Eternal Purpose of God: An Interpretive Lens

When we consider ultimate questions, everyone has a starting place. Popular options include tradition, experience, preferences, and feelings. Others start with the Bible, but with all of the issues the Bible addresses, what should be considered foundational? The good editors at the Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand graciously posted my latest paper as a ...


A Tribute To Edward Fudge For His 70th Birthday

Coinciding with the occasion of Edward Fudge’s 70th birthday, a historic theological conference is being inaugurated in Houston, TX on July 11-12, 2014. It’s called the Rethinking Hell Conference, and is organized by the outstanding group of Bible scholars who run the Rethinking Hell website and podcast. If you’re anywhere within driving distance of Houston ...


One-night Screening of Hell and Mr. Fudge Coming to Nashville: March 21, 2013

Hell and Mr. Fudge is coming to the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. The screening will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 7:15pm. A platinum award winner at the 2012 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, Hell and Mr. Fudge is the warm, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous story of the trials and tribulations of evangelical scholar ...


Moses Lard’s Foretelling: May It Be!

Edward Fudge shared the following in his latest GracEmail: MOSES LARD’S FORETELLING — Moses Lard was an influential 19th-century leader within the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, which is my own faith tradition. In 1879, Lard published a 50-page book titled “Do the Holy Scriptures Teach the Endlessness of Future Punishment?” in which he foretold the future ...


Afterlife Contribution: Why care about the Bible and what it says?

I know there are many readers of this blog who doubt the validity of the Bible. When we make arguments that are based on the Bible, some readers may find those arguments irrelevant. In my latest article on the Afterlife site, you’ll see a simple but though-provoking case to challenge you to consider the Bible. ...


Afterlife Contribution: The Promise After Christmas: A Kingdom of Justice and Peace

My latest contribution to Afterlife, the website of the Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand, has a Christmas flavor to it. It shows that Christmas was only the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s promises. Because of the promises that were realized on the first Advent, we can be confident that God’s future promises are ...


Three New Discussions And A Contest! is hosting a forum that is open for everyone to discuss the issues related to what happens to people after death. I have recently started three new threads and welcome your participation! There should be something for everyone, so jump into the conversation and let us know what you think! If you’re an atheist ...


Afterlife Contribution: Does Our Belief About the Ultimate End of the Unredeemed Really Matter?

I am honored and grateful to have been asked to contribute to Afterlife, the excellent online presence of the Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand. They published my first article there today. Please check it out and tell us what you think: Does Our Belief About the Ultimate End of the Unredeemed Really Matter?