Video Podcast: Preston Sprinkle / Theology In The Raw

Preston hosted a very raw and wide-ranging conversation about “How Social Media and Screens Have Hijacked Our Hearts and Minds.” The conversation even had some push-back, which I documented here.

Television: Monica Schmelter

Monica Schmelter hosted me on her popular CTN show, Bridges, to talk about what to do in the face of the tech industry’s intentionally addictive practices.

Radio: Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall hosted a fascinating and wide-ranging interview with me on her national Moody Radio show, In The Market With Janet Parshall.

Radio: Chris Brooks

Pastor Chris Brooks’ interview included four callers from around the country. Hear their questions and my responses on his national Moody Radio show, Equipped with Chris Brooks.

Podcast: Covenant Eyes

I’ve been a fan of Covenant Eyes since at least 2006. We had a dynamic conversation on their podcast which they titled: Deceptively Effective: What Our Screen Saturated World Is Doing to You.

NewsMax: Technology Column

Andrew McDiarmid wrote an excellent article summarizing the message of [Un]Intentional called Time to Write Our Own Stories, Not Big Tech. I love how he added even more Truman Show references than I have in the book.

Video: Unplugged Family

Madlin Mangrum and I had a passionate video discussion about our relationship with screens on a Facebook Live with her thriving Unplugged Family community.

Podcast: 99% Local Podcast

Chris Green and I went deep into practical questions about our relationship with screens, the intentionally addictive practices of the industry, and what we can do as people and parents.

Podcast: By His Grace

Misty Phillip invited a great conversation on her podcast in the context of her new book, The Struggle Is Real, but So Is God.

Video: More than a Review

Donna Feyen from More Than A Review hosted a positive and insightful interview at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference.

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