[Un]Intentional: The Book

My new book, [Un]Intentional: How Today’s Screen-Saturated World Secretly Shapes Your Desires, is nearly complete. I am so excited to help you and your family become truly intentional with the devices in your life.

Many people consume 12 hours of media every day. As a result, distraction, obsession, and addiction are at epidemic levels. And it’s taking a toll. It might be stealing your ability to think for yourself. Your screen time may even be robbing you of your freedom, and your future.

[Un]Intentional shows how our constant immersion in screens creates and inflames self-destructive desires. It reveals the way apps, TV shows, and commercials are designed to entice us to make decisions and form harmful habits that profit the creators at our expense.

The work of over ten years of study and practical application, [Un]Intentional offers timeless Biblical practices to help readers reclaim their thought lives, make good decisions, and become free to fulfill their God-given mission.