If your group needs to become more intentional with the screens in their lives, then Doug’s message can help. He winsomely shares his years of research and practical experience at conferences, church meetings, and community events. Ideal groups include:

  • Church services, meetings & small groups
  • Christian colleges & secondary schools
  • Homeschool groups
  • Parent groups
  • Retreats

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Recent Speaking Venues

Example Topics

Screens & Kids: A Counter-Cultural Path

All of their friends have a smartphone, so your child needs one too, right? Our culture has brainwashed us with this message, and the results are fairly devastating. Fortunately, we still have access to the “ancient paths, where the good way is” (Jeremiah 6:16). In this session, you’ll learn how to form an entirely different culture in your home, one that leads to healthy relationships, freedom from addictions, and inspires your kids to find and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Winning The Battle With Screen Addiction

Tech industry leaders and content creators are using intentionally addictive strategies on every screen to keep us watching and wanting more. And that’s just the respectable apps, shows, and video games. When you add pornography, gambling, or compulsive shopping to the mix, enabled by the super computer in every pocket, we can see why more people are enslaved by their screens. Doug responds with hope and practical wisdom after finding freedom from pornography and other screen addictions through the power of God and the application of Biblical practices.

Living An Intentional Life In A Screen-Saturated World

A three-part series to help you live a life of God-empowered freedom.

Session 1 of 3: Look Out! Screens Are Intentionally Shaping Your Desires

Most people are unaware of the full impact of screens on their lives. They feel like their lives aren’t where they hoped they would be, and suspect screens are taking more time than they should. What they don’t realize is that content creators and device makers use very specific, effective, and powerful strategies to manipulate their desires. In this first session, you’ll learn their methods, and meet the people and companies who are intentionally leveraging technology to their huge profit, but at your expense. Awakening to the strategies and motives of those who are behind addictive technology is your first step to finding the life you’re longing to live.

Session 2 of 3: Look In! How You Are Affected By Screens

Now that you see how screens are intentionally designed and used to shape your desires, you’re ready for some self-evaluation. This session starts by laying a Scriptural foundation, and reveals the unseen spiritual realm that seeks, as always, to tempt, deceive, and destroy. Next, you’ll be led through a process of evaluation to see how you and your family are personally influenced by technology. Finally, you’ll be inspired to cast a vision for the life you could live if you were to overcome the negative influence of screens.

Session 3 of 3: Look Up! Biblical Practices For Living In A Screen-Saturated World

After the last two sessions, you’re ready to learn five Biblical practices that can set you free from the harmful influence of screens so you can follow God’s amazing purposes for your life. Doug will share the Scriptural teachings and practical steps that have helped him overcome addictions and become free to follow God’s leading. You’ll leave inspired, empowered, and prepared to start living in the freedom you need to fulfill your God-given purpose.

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