Excellent New Conditionalist Resources You Should Know About

You may not be aware that there are several excellent sites that are promoting the Biblical case for conditional immortality in an effort to become a catalyst for real reform in the church. Please check these out as you continue your study of these important topics:

  • Dr. Preston Sprinkle, co-author of Erasing Hell with Francis Chan, was recently interviewed on the Rethinking Hell podcast. In this twopart series Dr. Sprinkle describes why he is now leaning more towards the conditionalist view, after advocating the traditional view in Erasing Hell. This is an honest, thoughtful, and open discussion with an author who really loves God and the Bible.
  • If you haven’t see the excellent Afterlife destination, you’re really missing out. In addition to regular additions of high-quality free content, they publish an excellent quarterly magazine. Their contribution to the discussion is very important and significant.
  • The writer of the Consuming Fire blog continues to publish helpful and thought-provoking articles.

What other resources have you found? Leave a comment!

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