Goals and Questions

I started this blog to help non-believers see the goodness and truth of the Bible’s message. I especially focus on the eternal life that God offers to everyone who will follow Him, and the just, finite punishment and permanent death that awaits those who reject God’s gracious terms for eternal life. I also encourage believers who hold the traditional view of hell to re-examine the scriptures and move away from the tradition that is keeping so many people from knowing God.

I recognize that debates among Christians can turn away non-believers, especially as these debates become mean-spirited, prideful and generally unproductive. The church is famous for dividing over foolish things, and the Bible frequently warns against these divisions.

As I write critiques of the traditional view, including specific books and authors, my desire is to challenge and encourage, and not to divide. I write in response to published works, and not as a personal attack on anyone. I would expect those who disagree with my thoughts to do no less. In love, we must challenge one another to grow in our understanding so that we teach things that are correct, and where we are wrong, we learn and change. I certainly want to know where I am wrong, and I welcome positive, constructive debate on these subjects. As we think about these important things, may we always keep in mind the love that draws non-believers to God, and not drive them away in our very human desire to win an argument.

Why do you think Christians have such a hard time evaluating whether the traditions they hold are biblical? What can we do to become more secure in our relationship with God so that we are able to examine our doctrines and (gasp) make a significant change when necessary? Can reformation/revival come without a humble willingness to examine ourselves in the light of God’s word?

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