Rob Bell Asks Good Questions

In his latest book, Love Wins, Rob Bell asks some important questions about the nature of hell.

Bell Asks:

Does God punish people for thousands of years with infinite, eternal torment for things they did in their few finite years of life?

Unfortunately, the response of well-meaning, orthodox Christians has not always been constructive. They are certain that their traditions lead them to correctly understand the Bible. They don’t know how to decouple the Bible’s real message from translations influenced by centuries of tradition.

While Bell’s questions are very thought provoking, his metaphorical style often confuses people looking who are looking for clear answers. This has led to allegations that Bell is teaching Universalism, or is otherwise misunderstanding the message of the scriptures.

Do you wonder what the Bible really teaches on this subject? Do you find the traditional description of hell as a place of eternal, conscious torment unbelievable, while you also want to respect the Bible as God’s Word? If so, request the free E-Book Endless Hell Ended.

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