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Do you ever say: “But I don’t have time”?

Does this ever come out of your mouth? “I wish I could do [some good thing I should be doing], but I just don’t have time.” If you’re spending more than four hours a week watching something on a screen, I can help you. And since the average person spends around 32 hours a week ...

Will We Surrender Our Free Will to Screens? [Guest Post]

If “the machines” ever do take over, it will be because we have stopped thinking, not because they have started to.

Feel Like A Civil War Is Coming? You’re Supposed To.

Do you feel like the world is going crazy? You’re supposed to feel that way. News corporations make gazillions exploiting our fears and making us angry. They make their videos dramatic and attractive so we will keep watching and scrolling and clicking. The “news” about a coming civil war is a tragic example. The media ...