Just Ask Your Mom: A Fun and Important Podcast

I had a delightful conversation with Renee Sproles and Bonnie Blaylock on their Just Ask Your Mom podcast. They are “two Southern moms on the backside of raising kids. They have 4 kids, over 50 years of marriage, and 40 years of parenting mistakes, successes, and experience between them.”

Renee and Bonnie asked questions every Christian parent wants to know about families and screens, with special focus on some unique areas I write about in my book: the industry’s intentionally exploitative practices, propaganda techniques, and especially the spiritual forces that are behind the negative impact of screens.

But we also share positive, real-world steps every parent needs to take in today’s screen-saturated world.

And even though it’s called, “Just Ask Your Mom,” there’s plenty here for dads like me too.

You can listen to the podcast right now if you click here.

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