How Social Media and Screens Have Hijacked Our Hearts and Minds: The Preston Sprinkle Interview

If you haven’t listened to the Theology in the Raw podcast with Preston Sprinkle, you’re missing some of the most thoughtful and engaging conversations. Preston’s motto is “love widely, and think deeply.” He’s a Bible scholar par excellence, but his obvious love of people with diverse belief systems makes him unusually engaging and winsome.

I’ve listened to him for many years, read several of his books, and I appreciate his approach to the some of the most difficult topics of our age: sexuality & gender, race, and disputed biblical doctrines. I agree with many, but not all of his conclusions. But even if I disagree, I’m challenged and stretched, sometimes uncomfortably. I appreciate the opportunity to evaluate what I believe and grow in the process.

In an age when people are more likely to “unfriend,” “cancel,” or otherwise repel people they disagree with, Preston models the ability to evaluate different perspectives in light of the Bible in a way that truly embodies love and truth.

A couple years ago, I started emailing his people about an interview on his podcast to talk about my book, [Un]Intentional: How Screens Secretly Shape Your Desires, and How You Can Break Free. On a previous podcast, Preston said he wished there were more books that teach Christian discipleship in the context of our technology. Since that’s exactly what my book is, I wanted to share it with him and his audience — even though my platform is a fraction of most of his other guests.

By the grace of God, I was able to meet him in person at his first Exiles in Babylon conference in Boise this past spring. One thing led to another, and this past week, he published an interview with me on his podcast to his audience of ~20,000 listeners.

We had fun talking about a serious subject.

The interview was raw, as is his signature, but the conversation drove into the heart of some of the most important issues facing us with our screens today. I was particularly grateful to share how addictive technology like social media has hurt the church — especially through the pandemic and increasingly caustic political environment — but also to invite listeners into the better way of Christian discipleship I share in my book.

I hope you’ll take an hour to listen to it (or even watch it on YouTube if you like that sort of thing). I’d love to hear what you think of it, and especially whether it challenged you in any way.

Video Podcast

Audio Podcast

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