Social Media Is Free, But …

Then we freely give back:

  • Our time
  • Our attention
  • Our ideas
  • Our photos, videos
  • Everything we like
  • A diary of our whole lives
  • Unlimited permission to data mine everything we share
  • Our relationships
  • Our future

And, because we’re all doing this, they play us against each other. We distract each other, while they keep cashing ginormous checks. While billions of us share our lives together on social media, we are the largest free workforce in history.

Of course, the irony is: I have to share this on social media because we’re all there.

Free may not be such a great deal for us after all.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Is Free, But …

  1. Outside of blogging and reading select blogs, we no longer have anything to do with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Time is a scarce resource. Use it wisely.

    1. @Larry, that’s a very understandable move. To me, it’s all about being very intentional about what my goals are, so that I can decide how best to use the precious gift of time I’ve been given. That means social media must be a very small part of my life.

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