See Through the False Promises of Apple Vision Pro

Mind Matters News posted my article: “See Through the False Promises of Apple Vision Pro.” I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with their audience.

Here are some key quotes:

We’re extending our senses into an interface that will change us in ways we can’t even imagine. But if history is a reliable guide, seeing through Apple’s false vision is going to be more addictive — and more harmful — than ever.

In fact, Vision Pro’s mediated connection is worse than a poor substitute. It claims to be better, while harming our real-world relationships. The illusion of connection so shapes our desires that we may lose our taste for the real thing.

With all technologies, and especially modern screens, immersion goes in only one direction: deeper into their way of seeing and behaving. They provide the options through their interfaces. We are the users. Our “control” is bounded by the options they offer.

We become like our technologies by extending ourselves into them. We construct them, then we become like them. We’re conformed by them, to them.

Please read the whole thing before you immerse yourself in Apple’s latest era-defining product.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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