Update on the Hell and Mr. Fudge Movie

A kind reader, Chuck, asked for an update about the upcoming movie based on Edward Fudge’s study of the scriptures and the Biblical teaching on hell. It looks like the best place to find updates is Facebook. You can ‘like’ the Hell and Mr. Fudge movie at this link, and follow their updates on that page.

The next thing on the calendar is a public screening in Athens, AL on June 5th. We plan to attend! I will write a review here following the screening. Beyond this, I haven’t seen any more information regarding a wider release of the movie around the country, but follow their page in anticipation of those announcements. I’m grateful to be able to share this and hope that many more will pass it along!

I am praying daily for Edward, his family, and the impact of this movie. I think it is a huge step forward and that the possibility of many non-believers coming to faith is very strong. I’m praying that the church will see the need to re-examine the scriptures around this subject and start teaching the truth. God always honors those who are willing to teach His truth in love with an outpouring of His Spirit that draws non-believers to Him. May it be! It’s time!